Cohiba Atmosphere Belgrade

Cohiba Atmosphere is a prestigious international brand under the world’s most iconic cigar company, Corporacion Habanos S.A., acclaimed for its premium concept, sophisticated ambience and refined experience for cigar enthusiasts.

About CA Belgrade

Luxuriously equipped comfortable space for cigar lovers offers a large selection of premium and ultra premium drinks. A specially prepared blend of Cuban organic arabica coffee is there to lace more spirit of the largest Caribbean island into every smoke of Cuban cigars and to additionally ispire the casual and comfortable Cuban atmosphere for every cigar connosieur.

In the great Walk in Humidor you can find a large crème de la crème selection of Cuban cigars that will not leave breathless everyone.

Cohiba Atmosohere offers its guests 20 private humidors boxes for VIP members. In the Vip section of the club for these guests there is a special garden with 20 seats.

In order for the experience cigars in best possible manner, there is also a one of a kind custom made turntable, a valve amplifier and speakers, because the warm sound of vinyl has no alternative when it comes to ultimate pleasure of smoke.

Cohiba Atmosphare Belgrade

Pivljanina Baja 39, Dedinje

+381 11 367 57 64

Viline Vode bb, Beograd 
Telefon +381 11 2070 825
Fax +381 11 2070 828
Radno vreme:
Ponedeljak - Petak 09:00-17:00

Kneginje Zorke 2, Beograd
Telefon +381 11 3830 533
Fax +381 11 3830 545
Mobilni +381 62 409 896 
Radno vreme:
Ponedeljak - Subota 09:00-22:00  

Nedelja 12:00-20:00

Pivljanina Baja 39, Dedinje
Mobilni +381113675764
Radno vreme:
Ponedeljak - Subota 11:00-22:00  

Nedelja 11:00-20:00

Đure Jakšića 11, Beograd
Telefon +381 11 2637 690
Mobilni +381 63 295 569
Fax +381 11 2637 690 
Radno vreme:
Ponedeljak - Subota 09:30-23:00